1Does GTCA offer any other city besides Toronto?
Unfortunately, at this time, GTCA only offers programs in Toronto, Canada. In the future, other cities may be added.

2Why does GTCA recommends 12 weeks of language school?
GTCA strongly believes the best way to learn a language is through a combination of school, work and volunteer experiences and everyday practical conversation with the local people. GTCA has talked with many Japanese students that have taken language schools for more than 12 weeks and almost all of them have said it wasn't helping them learn English.

3Which program should I choose?
This is entirely up to the student and their budget. GTCA does recommend the Gold Plan as it does take advantage of many of the key services that GTCA has to offer. It is the best plan where GTCA works with the student to make their stay in Toronto a stress-free experience.

4Why is the price of homestay not included in any of the plans?
Students will have different lengths of stay in Canada and as such GTCA cannot provide an accurate price in the 3 different types of plans GTCA has to offer.

5Do I need to pay the homestay host family?
Once you talk to a GTCA agent and confirm your length of stay, then GTCA can provide an arrangement plan that includes the homestay price in the plan. GTCA can then pay the homestay host family directly so that you don't have to worry about this. Of course, you can always pay the homestay host family yourself. We are here to accomodate all your needs. GTCA is here to help you.

6Do I need insurance?
GTCA does recommend insurance in case of emergencies. It is always better to be prepared of any unexpected occurrences.

7What do I need to prepare for Canadian winter ?
The winters in Toronto can be harsh. We recommend good warm clothing, waterproof boots, hat and mittens. If you don't have any of these, GTCA will help and can go shopping with you so that you can buy these things in Toronto. GTCA will always tend to your budget.

8I have never been outside of Japan and I want to learn English in Canada but I feel a bit scared to travel to another country. I don't know anyone in Canada and I don't speak English.
This is where GTCA really helps you and makes you feel safe. At GTCA, we have Japanese agents who were born in Japan and speak Japanese. We also have Canadian agents who knows Canada. At GTCA, we really work together as one family so that we can make you feel at ease. We can't take all the fear out of you, that is a natural emotion when you visit another country for the first time but at GTCA we will certainly do our best to make you feel at home.



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